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The Plumbing and Pipe Trades Employees Union fights for the rights and benefits of our members in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

The fight for fair wages and allowances, good conditions, safe workplaces, proper licencing and registration, and the maintenance of high-quality skills and standards in our industry goes on every day. It's one we've been in since 1902. Over the years the PPTEU has won the right to better wages and conditions for our members through enterprise bargaining agreements, awards and site agreements.


Digital Membership Cards


Due to the current Covid-19 virus, some of our usual office procedures have been impacted.  At present we may not be able to mail out your current membership card.

Fortunately, financial members of the PPTEU can now download their Digital Membership Card to a smartphone.

The PPTEU membership system is transitioning to a new digital system.

This new system is part of our ongoing effort to streamline the membership experience to provide ease and convenience for our members.

The Digital Membership Card will contain all of the information that is on your plastic membership card.

Members who want to take advantage of this facility must have a current email adress attached to their membership and be able to receive emails on their smartphone.

The process to transition over to the new system is straightforward. Once you have downloaded the Digital Membership Card, in future you will simply receive an email notifying you to login and download your new Digital Membership Card to save to your smartphone.

This will also be an ideal opportunity to check your membership details and update your information if required.

For further information on how to download your digital clear card, click this link.

If at any stage you find yourself out of work or going overseas you should contact the union office by email - officeadmin (at)  you may be entitled to receive dispensation whilst you are not working in the industry.

For wage rates, award conditions, contact details or other union news please refer to this website or contact our office.

Please remember any changes to your membership (suspension, resignation etc.) must be forwarded to the union via mail or email.

RDO Calendars

Click the image below to view the 2024 RDO calendars for NSW and ACT.


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To manage your membership, pay dues and find your EBA please log in.

If you aren't a member already, please click the below link and Stand with us and join the PPTEU.


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