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No individual worker standing alone can bargain with an employer on an equal footing.

Over your whole working life, working for different employers on many sites, exposed to real dangers, developing new skills and taking new opportunities, you will be better off with one union always standing beside you: the PPTEU.

Since 1902 the Plumbers' Union has an outstanding record of standing with our members and protecting their rights and entitlements. The Union has won the right to vastly improved wages and conditions for our members through enterprise bargaining agreements, awards and site agreements. We stand up for our trade licencing and registration system to ensure that high standards are maintained and that your trade and skills remain valuable and relevant.

Due to the often dangerous nature of our industry we give high priority to training in workplace health and safety, workers compensation, superannuation and enterprise bargaining.

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New members pay six months equivalent upon joining then proceed to statement, direct debit deductions or payroll deductions in order to become financial members of the Union.

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