Benefits and services

Being a financial Member of the PTEU brings a wide range of benefits and services that come from your EBA.

Your union negotiates on your behalf:

  • Your wage rates,
  • penalty rates
  • site conditions and amenities,
  • RDOs,
  • redundancy pay,
  • site and other allowances,
  • protection against unfair dismissal,
  • meal and rest breaks,
  • ten days sick leave a year accumulative,
  • four weeks of annual leave,
  • inclement weather pay,
  • OH&S and WorkCover protection and support,
  • protection of the trade through registration and licensing,
  • picnic day, and
  • maintaining apprenticeship-based training.

The PTEU also delivers the following through your EBA.

PTEU: fighting for you

It's easy to take our rights and benefits for granted.

As you look at the long list of benefits on this page remember that each of these had to be fought for. They were were secured for working Australians by union members standing together.

And the fight is not over. Everything that has been won in the past has to be defended today against the people who don't value our labour or our welfare at its proper worth, and who want more for less.

Unions work to defend and improve conditions for all working Australians.


Free training


Training doesn't finish with your apprenticeship. The plumbing trades are changing. We are at the forefront of the the battle to reduce greenhouse gases and save water and energy. The Union supports cutting edge industry training that ensures that members are qualified for the projects of the future.

Fire Industry Training

The Union supports Fire Industry Training ("FiT"). FiT is an industry-owned organisation, established in 2008. It is the pre-eminent provider of fire protection training in Australia. FiT delivers a range of industry specific training at our centres of excellence, where we consistently strive to improve and to fulfil our objective of delivering quality, industry focussed training which benefits all stakeholders. Our success sees us as the preferred provider of apprentice training for all states.

Visit FiT.

Long-service leave

Information about long service leave is available in New South Wales from the Long Service Corporation. In the ACT information may be obtained from the ACT Long Service Leave Authority.


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Under the terms of their EBA your employer must pay superannuation contributions monthly into your superannuation account.

When absent from work as a result of a work related injury or illness or long service leave, your employer must pay a minimum level of contributions as listed in the EBA.

Other benefits

Ambulance cover

The Union may pay the cost of members' ambulance transport up to a maximum amount per year. To be eligible members must be financial and meet other rules and requirements.