May Day 2020 – Online Registration

This May Day Event will be an online live stream..

Coronavirus is an extraordinary threat to the health and prosperity of the working people. But our collective response exemplifies the most important May Day principle, solidarity.

This has been evidenced by the medical workers battling exhaustion to keep patients alive, or the aged care, retail workers, teachers, police, prison officers and transport workers, to mention just a few, risking their own health for broader social cohesion. Even the enthusiastic adoption of social distancing demonstrates real world solidarity.

As we pass through this moment of crisis and confront the economic and social wreckage it has brought, we must be clear and resolute about the new society we wish to construct. Economic justice and social empowerment are never the gift of the powerful. They are the bounty of profound struggle.

This May Day, in NSW we are launching our movement wide campaign and ask that all workers in NSW take part in the rebuilding of our economy and restoring the social fabric of our society.

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